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Experienced Dog Trainers and Breeders in Meeteetse, WY

With the confidence in our ability to produce the best gun dogs, Stealth Point Kennel was founded by Leroy Meador in 2012. We focus on breeding both Pointing Labradors and German Wirehairs, two breeds with genetic predispositions for pointing.

Train With the Best

Our training facility with over 470 acres of diverse habitat, and our experienced trainer Bo Allen make Stealth Point Kennel the best environment to breed and train dogs of all kinds. Stealth Point dogs have competed in NAGDA, APLA, HRC, AKC, BDC, and NUCS earning several titles.

If you need a quality hunting dog, or just need an obedient dog for your family, visit the gun dog trainers of Stealth Point Kennel today.

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