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Dog Trainers for Every Breed and Purpose in Meeteetse, WY

We offer training for all stages of your dog's life. No matter if you expect a weekend warrior ready for duty or a family pet ready to obey your commands, you can trust Stealth Point Kennel to deliver. Because we customize the training to fit your dog, and not the other way around, your dog's training comes naturally.

Puppy Head Start

Give your puppy a solid foundation with training from Stealth Point Kennel. Your puppy will be crate trained, taught basic obedience, integrating ... Read more

Obedience training

Dogs of all ages can be taught new tricks. We will teach your dog the basic obedience commands, no matter their age. They learn sit, here, heel, down and kennel.

Total Gun Dog Training

We specialize in producing the total gun dog for weekend bird hunters and tournaments. For a well-rounded gun dog, Stealth Point Kennel first teaches ... Read more
No two dogs are alike. Your dog will receive the training in the areas they need it most to ensure you the best chance of success.

Get One-on-One Training with Your Dog

Learn to effectively communicate the skills your dog will learn in their individually outlined training program.
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